prepFAST Parenteral Undiluted

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The prepFAST inline autodilution system with ICP-OES fully automates USP <233> J based calibrations protocols. The prepFAST provides:

  1. autocalibration
  2. autosample injection
  3. autospike addition, eliminating manual sample preparation


  • Autocalibration from a single J stock standard
  • Auto J spiking
  • Pour sample in tube and run
  • Priority Sample Dilution
  • Daily walk-up and analyze ICP-OES instrument for USP
  • Perfect for laboratories new to ICP-OES
  • Automate labor intensive steps to significantly reduce notebook entries


  • prepFAST all flows syringe-driven
       - Eliminate peripump tubing daily maintenance
  • prepFAST autocalibration
       - Single multi-element standard for all J values
  • prepFAST auto inline dilution
       - Eliminate final manual dilution step
  • Run undiluted samples up to 1% TDS
  • Easy-to-use automated system for USP protocols
  • Pre-developed fully automated methods
  • Exceeds all USP validation criteria: Stability, Repeatability, Ruggedness, and Accuracy
  • Well-suited to the demands of a high throughput pharmaceutical laboratory