prepFAST Inline - The Evolution of Automation

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prepFAST is the ultimate sample/standard autodilution system, automatically performing precise and accurate inline dilutions. Samples are rapidly (0.5 mL/sec) and reproducibly vacuum loaded from each autosampler location into a sample loop. From there the sample is injected (within valve) into a diluent liquid stream and transported to a low volume tee located between the valve and nebulizer. Internal standard is added in the tee to obtain final dilution factors between 1x (undiluted) and 400x.

At the heart of the system is the S400V syringe pump. Precise (<± 0.05%), accurate (<± 0.2%), smooth and balanced delivery of solution over a wide range of flow rates (1 to 500 μL/min) ensures rapid reliable inline dilutions.

Capable of up to 400x dilution, the prepFAST is the fastest, simplest way to ensure high quality data in every run.

Benefits of Inline Dilution

  • Real time dilutions
  • Dilution in valve head and tee
  • No additional tube or reagents required
  • Eliminates manual dilutions
  • Rapid uptake and wash out
  • Lowers risk of contamination
  • Sample analysis time constant, independent of dilution factor