prepFAST Inline - On Target Every Time

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Precise measurements, accurate calibrations, and accurate sample dilutions are necessary to provide accurate concentration values for unknown samples. The accuracy of prepFAST syringe (S400V) driven inline dilutions is illustrated by linear (R2=0.9999) calibration curves. Accuracy is further demonstrated by the determination of metal concentrations in a drinking water Certified Reference Material (CRM, NIST 1643). Greatest accuracy is achieved when unknown samples fall in the center of a calibration curve. prepFAST is used to appropriately dilute a wide range of element concentrations (Mg 8037 to Cd 7.45 ppb) to obtain fully automated, accurate results at any dilution factor. If ICP/ICP-MS software provides over range QC functions, prepFAST will automatically rerun and appropriately dilute samples that are beyond the calibration range; thereby eliminating in-run QC over range failures.

Benefits of the prepFAST system

  • Accurately mixes sample diluent and internal standard
  • Automatically calibrates the instrument from a single standard solution
  • Automatically dilute samples

Depending on ICP/ICP-MS QC functions available, additional benefits of prepFAST are:

  • Automatically rerun over range samples at appropriate dilution
  • Automatically rerun internal standard failure at appropriate dilution
  • Automatically prescreen sample for appropriate dilution