prepFAST Inline - Automated Dilutions

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Tedious manual preparation steps are automatically handled by the prepFAST system, making better use of time and resources. Automated dilution is utilized for both standard calibration and sample dilution. Predefined dilution factors for a single muti-element standard are used to build calibration curves. Accuracy of dilution is illustrated by excellent linearity of the calibration curve (r=0.9999). Sample dilution can be predefined on a per-sample basis, allowing for a wide range of dilution factors to be used when sample types or elemental concentrations vary greatly.

Benefits of the prepFAST system

  • Automatically calibrates the instrument from a single standard solution
  • Automatically dilute samples minimizing sample preparation

Depending on ICP/ICP-MS QC functions available, additional benefits of prepFAST are:

  • Automatically rerun over range samples at appropriate dilution
  • Automatically rerun internal standard failure at appropriate dilution
  • Automatically prescreen sample for appropriate dilution
  • Insert and run priority samples