prepFAST Inline - Improve Productivity

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The prepFAST system produces high quality data while enhancing laboratory productivity and profitability. By eliminating manual sample dilution steps, not only is human error removed, but ICP/ ICP-MS operators have more time to focus on instrument setup and data reduction. prepFAST can thereby greatly improve efficiency of both instrument and operator time, leading to lower per sample costs.

Benefits of Inline Dilution

  • FAST analysis reduces uptake and wash times, saving instrument time
  • Eliminates manual dilutions, saving operator time
  • Reduce reagent use by only diluting volume analyzed
  • Reduce laboratory supplies, test tubes, bottles and pipette tips
  • Eliminate peripump tubing for sample delivery
  • Greatly reduce QC failure and reruns
  • Remove human error from solution preparation
  • Improve productivity and reduce cost per sample