prepFAST Automated Inline Dilution

  • Fully automated inline calibration
  • Automatically dilutes samples
  • Reduces new operator training
  • Reduces sample consumption & waste
  • Improves laboratory productivity

prepFAST – Just add ICP/ICPMS

prepFAST automatically dilutes samples right at the moment of analysis

Intelligent DXCi autocorrecting autosampler

High throughput SampleSense FAST valve

Accurate automated inline syringe dilution

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Automated Sample Sensing

Intelligent SampleSense FAST valves detect liquid samples for ultra-high throughput and reliability.


Save time and improve laboratory efficiency by eliminating labor-intensive standard preparation.


Automatically perform inline dilutions on samples, right at the moment they are analyzed.

Overrange Dilution

Automatically dilute high matrix samples that cause recoveries to fall outside of acceptable ranges.

How It Works

See samples rapidly loaded from the vial into a sample loop and transferred to a second loop within seconds.

ESI prepFAST Systems

Choose from inline dilutions or for advanced applications.

prepFAST – The perfect partner for any ICP/ICPMS