Syringe Driven Sample Introduction
Automation for ICP/ICPMS


prepFAST M5X

Syringe Sample Loading and Extended Dilution Range


  • Syringe loading supports loading of micro samples and higher viscosity samples
  • Dual dilution loop valve for extended dilution range of 1 to 40,000x
  • Frees up laboratory staff for other tasks
    • Eliminates manual preparation of calibration standards
    • Automates all required sample dilutions
    • Reduces required training and experience for operators
  • Reduces laboratory reagent waste
  • Automatic syringe-driven internal standard addition
  • Excellent return on investment
  • Customized sample loading with P-Series FAST and DX autosampler
  • Fully automated vacuum sample loading with SampleSense FAST
    • No required method timings
    • Actively monitors and reports sample loading issues
    • Automatically adjusts to different sample viscosities
    • DXCi autosampler with autocorrecting arm position when probe is accidentally obstructed

SampleSense prepFAST Autodilution Advantages

Innovative Sample Loading

SampleSense accounts for viscosity and automatically adjusts timing. One method for multiple sample types.

Time Savings

Operator time for sample introduction method development is eliminated. Just run samples.

Sample Savings

The sample is injected at precisely the right time. Every time. Even for small samples.

Error Notification

Incomplete sample loading or bubbles in the sample are detected and logged.

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